Sunday, 5 February 2012

DTWC Whisky Night: Rib-tastic

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Distant Thunder Whisky Club. Last Saturday night I hosted a 'club night'. Basically an excuse for a group of friends to get together and drink whisky. As host it was my responsibility to chose the whisky and cook for the evening.

Last time I hosted a Whisky Night my choice was a complete shot in the dark. At that stage I knew nothing about whisky, so expectations were probably quite low. I still don't know a lot, but I felt a bit more pressure this time around. I decided on a Bunahabbain 18yr old that I picked up while I was back in the UK for Christmas. I was rather pleased with the choice (a full review coming soon).

Possibly eclipsing the whisky were the BBQ pork ribs that I made (with the help of Matt) for the evening. Oh my they were good! We cooked a Laphroaig based BBQ sauce that was developed especially for Laphroaig Live last year. If you like you smokey BBQ ribs with a subtle kick of spice it is definitely one to try.

The full recipe can be found over on the club site here.

As if that wasn't enough we've been featured in the latest edition of Beer and Brewer Magazine! (If you squint I'm at the bottom of the page wearing the blue top.) They have written up a profile of the club and a little bit about our whisky nights.

I believe copies are sold via Dan Murphy's (and of course all other good retailers) if you wanted to check us out. Sadly the article doesn't appear to be available online.

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