Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Restaurant Review: The Terrace Thai, Pyrmont

The Terrace Thai is tucked away in an easy to miss corner of Pyrmont. Finding The Terrace is only the first challenge. With the restaurant situated in a natural wind tunnel getting to the front can be just as hard. We had to lean against the wind to make it inside!

Once inside the Thai pop / rock music blaring out, immediately put a smile on my face. The bright modern interior is pretty dapper too. Concerningly for the owners there were only two other tables occupied on the Saturday night we visited.

I ordered the Caramelised Crispy Pork. The waiter was a bit taken aback when I tried my hand at ordering in Thai. I've no idea how you say caramelised, but he seemed to understand a simple หมู กรอบ.

I was a big fan. The pork had masses of crispy skin (don't think about the calories) surrounding tender meat. Underneath the pork were garlicy stir fried greens with crispy shallots. The dipping sauce was a triumphant balance of hot, sour, sweet and salty. The best part of the dish for me. The fresh cabbage and tomatoes on the side aren't classic Thai, but added a nice bit of freshness.

Just like Muum Maam the food is modern Thai. I thought the majority of the menu was a little on the expensive side and I think I was over charged for rice too. However, the quality is good, cooked fresh and the portion sizes are quite decent. If you had a group of four, you'd probably only need to order three dishes which would help bring the cost down.

I liked The Terrace Thai and am pleased I finally got to try it after walking past a few times previously.

The Terrace Thai
Shop G03
55 Miller Street


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  1. It's taken you this long to get here? You live just down the road! I agree with it being a bit on the pricey side but when I ate there, many moons ago, I quite liked it

  2. i walked here the other night, it's pretty good. me likey!