Friday, 21 October 2011

Restaurant Review: Mad Spuds Café, Surry Hills

Do you remember the rainy Sunday morning on the public holiday weekend at the start of the month? I was up at 7am to meet some friends for a run. I jogged to Newtown in the driving rain only to be told when I got there that the others had cried off. I had to run back in the rain (there's a point where you can't get any wetter) for a hot shower.

The run aborted we caught up for a late breakfast at Mad Spuds Café. I've walked past this place on Crown St quite a few times without ever noticing it was there. Not fancying a baked potato for breakfast I was pleased to see their menu had a good range of breakfast options.

I went for the Boxty, which is supposed to be a traditional Irish dish. There was plenty of black and white pudding on the menu. I'm familiar with black pudding and the French boudin blanc, but what is white pudding I asked my Irish friend? Think haggis came the reply, a perfect description.

The white pudding came served with a potato cake, bacon, avocado, fried egg and apple puree. It was a pleasant dish, but as I've found with haggis before, the white pudding had a flavour which dominated anything else. I honestly couldn't tell you what the apple puree was like.

Mad Spuds Café
479 Crown Street
Surry Hills


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  1. White pudding sounds intriguing... I haven't tried haggis either so I have no idea how it tastes like.


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