Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Restaurant Review: Delhi O' Delhi, Newtown

After a successful trip to Bayleaf Brasserie, Saurav invited me to join him and some friends for dinner at Delhi O' Delhi in Newtown on Saturday night to sample some more Indian food.

Delhi O' Delhi is a modern, sleek, glass walled restaurant with white table cloths. Pitching itself at the smart end of Indian dining. Unfortunately I didn't find it lived up to the expectations that it was setting for itself.

As we were a large group we opted for the ease of the banquet menu which gave us three starters and four main courses. We were charged $40 per head for the banquet, which I thought was pretty rum when mains are only $20 each. I thought banquets were supposed to give you value or access to something a bit special? The service was a bit slow too.

None of us had ever heard of a duck curry so we ordered the duck karuval to see what it was like. For me it was the best curry of the night. It was dark, rich, mild and coconuty. Definitely one to order again. The other favourite from the evening was the andraki champen lamb cutlets that had been marinated and then cooked in the tandoor. The thick yoghurt marinade coated the lamb really well and we all picked up the bones to gnaw the meat off them!

Most of the other dishes were run of the mill. The goat curry certainly didn't live up to the one we had at Bayleaf. I'm sure there must be better curries out there in Sydney and I'll probably go in search of those before returning to Delhi O' Delhi.

After dinner we headed to the Freaky Tiki for a jug of punch and a game of pinball with an eclectic mix of fellow patrons! A quirky venu if you've never been.

Sikandri Chooza - chicken flavoured with cashew nuts and cheese. 
Cooked in the tandoor.

Adraki Champen - lamb cutlets marinaded in crushed garlic, raw papaya, 
paprika and slow cooked in the tandoor.

Murgh Dhaniwal - chicken curry with fennel seeds, ginger and almonds

Lamb Kesar E' Pukhtan - cooked in safron, cashew, almond and yoghurt.

Logan Ki Boti - goat curry

Duck Karuval - duck an coconut curry

Delhi O' Delhi
3 Erskenville Road
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  1. The presentation looks amazing, or maybe just your great photos. London has gone all glass walls unfortunately. My local Indian is now a dimly-lit trendy place :-(

  2. The food did look good, better than the presentation in your average Brick Lane place. The problem was, it tasted just the same and cost twice as much. Give me a five quid Rusholme curry any day!