Monday, 11 July 2011

Restaurant Review: Lime on Chevron, Gold Coast

Another tip from Tracey was Lime on Chevron located two doors along from Duo Deli Café. We decided to visit for lunch before I had to fly back to Sydney. Taking up seats in the window and it was a good feeling to have the warming sun on my back.

There were lots of fresh and enticing sounding things on the menu, particularly the salads. I decided on the homemade tart of the day, which was a pumpkin and spinach quiche. I was a little bit underwhelmed by my lunch. The salad tasted like it had just been dressed in oil and was crying out for a flavoursome dressing. The tart was nice, but could have done with some more oomph.

We ordered a side of handcut chips. They were crunchy, moorish and went well with the aioli. I was able to have a quick taste was the special of the day, a crispy skim barramundi with risotto. The barramundi tasted, well, quite fishy. I'm not a seafood expert, but barramundi usually has a much more mild flavour. The accompanying risotto was good.

It was great to see all of the food being prepared fresh in the kitchen and it was all beautifully presented. However, three of the four of us thought our lunches just missed the mark, even if they did look great. With a few tweaks so that the flavours lived up to the presentation and the portion sizes matched the prices, Lime could be fantastic.

I'd have to be honest and say the next time I'm on Chevron, I'll be popping back next door to the Duo Deli Café over another visit to Lime.

64 Thomas Drive
Chevron Island
Gold Coast

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  1. do you have ANY affiliation with the restaurants you review ?

  2. @Anon - I had no connection with Lime apart from being a paying customer like anyone else.

    If I have a connection with the restaurant (very rare), I declare is clearly in my post.