Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vivid Sydney

This is where all my taxes go and I don't mind one bit!

There are lots of things that make Sydney a cool place to live. The view from my office window of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge that I get to soak in every day. The free fireworks in Darling Harbour (that I can just see from my balcony if I crane my neck) that seem to be on virtually every weekend. The festivals that every suburb holds during summer. The great restaurants. The beaches in the city.

However, top of my list is Vivid Sydney. The unbelievably cool light show that finishes this weekend. 

There are over forty light installations running from the Opera House, round Circular Quay, past the International Passenger Terminal and into the Rocks. Some of the lights you interact with, others make you pedal to illuminate them and some you simply stare at.

My favourite by a long way is Customs House. Four projectors completely cover the front of the building mesmerising everyone that looks at it. More than just a light show I can only describe it as watching a computer generated movie. The building appears to fall down in front of you, move and generally amaze. It needs to be seen to be believed.

I was there on Wednesday night trying to take some photos. It was so cold that on the way home I popped in to 7-Eleven to buy one of the $1 coffees. I didn't drink a sip, but I held it all the way home to keep my hands warm!

If Vivid isn't the coolest thing in Sydney I'd like to know what is.


  1. I really ought to make an effort and see it this year as I didn't go last year. Customs House looks amazing!

  2. Loved the interactive installations, and Customs House was just enthralling :) Can't wait for 2012