Friday, 3 June 2011

The Spanish Portuguese Butcher, Petersham

Another shop I enjoyed visiting on my food tour of Petersham was The Spanish Portuguese Butcher. The owner, Joe, talked us through some of the speciality small goods that he produces.

Having never been to Portugal I've no idea whether his small goods are traditionally Portuguese, but butchery and preserving meat is a universal trade. Joe had four samples for us to try. Some of his home rolled and cured ham, a mild and spicy chorizo and also a black pudding.

Most of the small goods he makes are cured and safe to be eaten without cooking, including the bacon in the first photo. It was the first time I've seen a traditional looking back bacon that can be eaten without being cooked.

During the tasting it took a bit of faith to eat 'raw' black pudding, another first for me. I've only had it fried for breakfast or in a hot pot before.

Joe seemed to be a man following a passion, but I worry how much of a market there is for his goods. He said he didn't have many hams in stock at any time, but he was happy to take orders. There were some fabulous looking pancettas hanging from the ceiling, but again they are made to order only (with a three month lag time!). Perhaps he is a man that knows his market and only small quantities sell.

The only uncooked small goods he makes are a range of tasty looking sausages. He also sold rabbits which I haven't seen in a butchers for a while.

I bought one of his spicy chorizos. I'd like to go back and try some more of his meats.

The Spanish Portuguese Butcher
Shop 4, 89 New Canterbury Road

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