Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Creative Skills Camera Course

I'm a believer that if you work hard enough at something you can achieve you goals.

However, the exception to prove my own rule is artistic and musical abilities. I don't believe that however hard you work you can learn to excel in musical or artistic endeavours. If you aren't born with the gift you will never achieve the heights.

When I was a young teenager in the Oxfordshire County Youth Orchestra I remember that we were asked to complete a questionnaire for our conductors wife on what it meant to be musical. My violinist friend Isabel wrote some wonderfully flowery prose about feeling the passion inside. I wrote something dry and robotic. There you had the a perfect example. Isabel is musical and I'm not.

After my camera skills course I decided to take the creative skills course. I found this course much harder. Rather than being given set tasks for our homework we were given instructions like 'choose a theme' or 'do something creative' and my personal nightmare 'break the rules'.

On our final week we were asked to choose a theme and combine what we've learnt. Oh no.

I decided to pick number plates. A bit odd, but they are quite different here in Australia. Each state has their own, you have slogans, different colours and designs. None of which we have in the UK. My photos weren't that interesting, but we were allowed to do some digital processing and make a montage. So here you have it, my first attempt at pop art.


  1. Is that top photo yours too?

  2. Yes! Probably the best one I took during the course.

  3. Now that would be a fun photography course. I'd love to do that! Your pop art looks good. As long as you enjoyed doing the course, I think that's end result.
    ps. In a hilarious turn of of events, I used all my starter accidently. I'm trying to ressurect a frozen one and it is looking mournful :-(