Sunday, 10 April 2011

Jack Charles vs The Crown at the Belvoir Theatre

On Thursday night I went back to the excellent Belvoir Theatre. I've thoroughly enjoyed everything I've previously seen so had high hopes of Jack Charles v The Crown.

As with all of the plays I've seen at the Belvoir there was a very small cast. Just one in this case. The talented Jack Charles played himself. Showing that he is a potter, musician and a decent actor to boot. Jack was accompanied by an equally talented band who had a prominent position sitting on the stage.

I hadn't previously heard the story of Jack Charles and I'm not sure how many in the audience had. However, many of the themes of his life were consistent with the experiences of the 'Stolen Generation'. Removed from his family and placed in a home, where he was abused, during his childhood. As an adult he had dalliances with drugs and spells in prison before pottery became his salvation.

Unfortunately I didn't connect with the play. Perhaps it was my regular Thursday night tiredness (running disease) or the beer I had before the show? I didn't get on the emotional roller coaster or, I think, fully understand all the nuances story. I'm still a bit confused as to why the play is call "vs The Crown".

Speaking to a few people after the play I think there might have been a cultural divide going on. Born and bred Aussies have been brought up with more exposure to Aboriginal and white settler relations. They have a greater understanding of what is meant by the Stolen Generation. Where as those of us that have recently arrived in this fair land don't.

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