Friday, 11 March 2011

Tasman Island Cruise

While we were in Port Arthur we booked on a cruise round the Tasman Peninsula following a recommendation from a colleague at work that it was the best thing they did during their holiday. A very big claim considering the natural beauty of Cradle Mountain and Wineglass Bay!

We booked with the friendly Tasman Island Cruises who really looked after us in their bright yellow boats. As we headed south from Port Arthur towards the Southern Ocean the crew were telling stories about a bad weather system on the way. I think they were laying it on a bit thick, but after my less than successful trip to the Great Barrier Reef two years ago I was grateful when we were on the eastern side of the Island and in the lea of the wind.

You can't can't see in the photo below, but the boats had three enormous outboard motors on the back and could really travel!

We saw a lot of wildlife during the cruise. Black cormorants, Australian fur seals, New Zealand fur seals, sea eagles and dolphins! Unfortunately I hadn't taken my long zoom lens with me so couldn't get too many close ups.

In addition to the wildlife, the dolerite cliffs and some of the man made features along the coast were equally impressive. There is a lighthouse on Tasman Island (top photo) and before it was automated to get supplies to the three families who lived on the island a pulley and sledge system was built. It would have been quite an adventure to get supplies, and I assume people, off a boat bobbing around in the waves.

At the end of the cruise as we were approaching Eaglehawk Neck we came across a pod of dolphins and fur seals feeding together. It was great to see them chasing lunch and playing the the bows of our boat.

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