Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Restaurant Review: Vietnamese Kitchen, Hobart

Having cooked at home and taken picnics for most of our holiday in Tasmania we were ready to blow the budget with a nice meal out on our final day in Hobart. After perusing a few of the menus at the dockside restaurants we couldn't bring ourselves to pay through the nose for uninspiring sounding dishes.

We did the only logical thing. Visiting the Vietnamese Kitchen in an area, errr, known for everything other than it's Asian food!

Because I was hungry and they were dirt cheap I ordered some of the homemade dim sims as a starter. The pork filled dim sim weren't particularly inspiring, but they filled the spot.

The duck soup was a real winner. A huge serving of duck, a very tasty broth and not too bad noodles. I pinched as much as I could. Unfortunately I ordered stir fried vegetables and tofu which was bland and generically Chinese tasting. Not bad, just not very good either.

At the table opposite were two hippy looking Scandinavian back packers. Bear footed with dread locked hair they were sharing one bowl of laksa between the two of them. Accompanied by a dog with a piece of fabric for a lead.

I can't believe they brought their dog from Europe with them. And as they could only afford one meal to share I don't imagine they'd bought the pet in Australia either. I can only imagine they'd picked up a stray. Most odd.

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