Friday, 4 February 2011

Brisbane Weekend

You may have guessed from my burger posts, that I spent last weekend up in Brisbane visiting my friends Penne and Clint. It was lovely to visit them and see their new house which looks amazing now they have decorated it.

Perhaps the coolest thing of the weekend was when they had a smart meter installed on Saturday morning. I became a bit obsessed on checking the current energy consumption and would literally run to the meter when someone turned on a hair dryer or the television to see what the effect was. I'm pleased to report that with the television turned off instead of left on standby we got consumption down to zero when we went out. I know I'm a geek!

After the excitments of the smart meter, we drove north to the Sunshine Coast stopping at the Wild Horse Lookout on the way for a fantastic view of the Glasshouse Mountains and large tracts of forestry.

After our stop we continued to head north to Caloundra. The weather was a bit variably and it was quite windy at the beach with sand being whipped up and grating us like sandpaper as we walked along the sea front. Penne and I went for a swim. The sea was a lot warmer than down in Sydney, although the strong winds made the sea a bit rough.

As always I'm grateful to my wonderful hosts Penne and Clint.


  1. i like the matching aqua handbag and thongs :-) so it sounds like it's better to turn off the TV to save more energy. every little bit heaps.

  2. Ooo smart meter hey? That would come in handy!

  3. I like this photo Richie and am stealing it!

  4. Do they not have fridges in Oz?

  5. They do, but they don't run all the time. When we had the meter down at zero the fridge wasn't trying to cool.