Saturday, 18 December 2010

Jaipur, Days 2&3

Colourful sarees, cows wondering the streets and beautiful buildings which have seen better days. Typical India.

This is my second post summarising some of the sights we visited in Jaipur's fascinating Pink City.

The Jantar Mantar is a homage to the humble sundial, built by one of India's Maharajas in the early eighteenth century. The park contains at least six different designs of sundial. Unfortunately it was cloudy so we didn't get many shadows! When there was the odd gap in the clouds we got to check the sundials really did work. The above dial was built for my star sign, Taurus.

There is a Jantar Mantar in Delhi and Agra as well (which we didn't visit).

The Albert Hall Museum is a fabulous building, with an unbelievable pigeon problem and a woeful collection of exhibits.

Confusingly for us Brits the museum is named after King Edward VII, and not the late Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert. If you visit Jaipur I honestly wouldn't bother.

Our final stop in Jaipur was the City Palace museum. The museum is still an official royal residence and was in noticeably better condition than virtually every other monument we visited in India. In many ways the architectural styles were similar to those we saw at Amber Fort. With the obligatory white marble and red sandstone buildings.

All of my Rajasthan photos are here.

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