Sunday, 26 December 2010

Indian Wedding Food

The food at each of the three wedding events we attended was very similar. There must be a manual on how to cater for weddings that everyone follows! Reflecting the beliefs of the family it was a vegetarian, non alcoholic wedding.

The food was laid out on tables in a horseshoe shape. On the left were the snacks and some street food favourites. At the base of the 'shoe' were the main dishes and on the right were desserts. There wasn't much seating, you just stood around munching and snacking.

Unfortunately I didn't get too many photos of the food. The staff and fellow guests looked at me as if I was totally bonkers when I got my camera out to snap away. I was also completely lost as to what I was eating most of the time. My only hope was to find a friendly English speaking relative to give me a few pointers. Sadly my Hindi wasn't up to much!

Gol gappa are one of the grooms favourite street snacks. Small crisp puffs of pastry are broken open with your thumb and then dipped into a sour broth. Popped into your mouth in one go they give you a crunchy, yet at the same time soupy snack.

At the reception in Delhi I enjoyed a little bowl of chana kulcha. A chickpea curry served with freshly warmed bread, a fair hit of chilli and a sprinkling of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Perhaps my favourite thing at every event were the fresh breads! The dough was rolled out into balls, some left plain and others covered in herbs, before being popped into a charcoal tandoor to cook to order. They were fantastic!

Rohit asked the maker of his favourite desert - an ice cream roll - to travel interstate for the wedding he likes it so much! A huge cylinder of ice cream is rotated while different fruit flavourings are poured over the top. Ice cream is then shaved into a cup giving you a mix of fruit flavours as you eat.

Julia is also holding a kulfi ice pop that was on offer. Sugar overload anyone?

I couldn't resist popping out the back of the marque during one event to get a shot of the kitchen. I think the picture speaks for itself. None of us got food poisoning. Whatever ever doesn't kill you makes your stronger!

The head chef sought out the 'Whities' at the end of the reception in Delhi to find out what we thought of the food. It was very good thank you, sir.

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  1. No booze?! Great food though. Especially the gol gappa. I loved these when I was in India