Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Jamming and preserving

It's the end of summer here in the UK and what can't be eaten fresh, mum is preserving for the winter. First things get frozen, then comes either bottling or jamming. Two days ago mum bottled some blackberries picked fresh from the garden in the iconic kilner jars, which have screw lids, and not the hinged tops most people think of.

Yesterday we made some plum and ginger jam. My mum, sister and I picked from the tree in the garden and then sat round the kitchen table stoning the fruit and checking for any plums that had gone bad. I know that jam has a lot of a sugar in it, but it was still shocking to put in equal amounts of sugar to fruit!


  1. Richard, I'm so envious that you can just go and do something like this with your family. Plum and ginger. Come on, stop teasing!

  2. *sniff* I'm getting all home sick :-( I LOVE home made jams!

  3. My parents have a load of fruit that goes to waste every year as we struggle to eat it all - I was tempted to make lemon, guava and mandarin jam - but then was mortified at how much sugar goes in. Once I'd picked my jaw off the floor I resolved not to make it myself and live in blissful ignorance! If I had family willing to make jam for me - I'd be knocking on their door! Oh & good luck for the marathon!