Monday, 19 July 2010

Whale Watching

On Saturday I went whale watching in Sydney with my friends Kren and Dave. The last time I went on the ocean I didn't have my sea legs on, so I was a bit nervous and popped a sea sickness tablet before we departed. Luckily I didn't need to worry. The waves weren't too big, and I was surprised how close to the shore the whales swam meaning we didn't have to head too far out to sea.

We got our first sighting of a whale just after leaving Sydney Harbour and spent a couple of hours following two or three different pods on their migration northwards. Unfortunately we didn't see any of the whales breach (where they rise up out of the water), but we did see them surface to breath regularly and the odd tail flick as they went back down under.

Our tour was well organised and we had an informative commentary from our captain throughout. There were quite a few other boats out at sea stalking the whales with us. I was glad that we were on one of the largest vessels in case the waves had been bigger.

Overall a very enjoyable morning and I was pleased that I went. Another Sydney experience under my belt!

Because I'm still addicted to my new GPS watch I decided to wear it whale watching so I could see how far we sailed.


  1. Your watch is so cool! I went whale watching a few years ago and only got sick on the boat because I had to listen to some lady being sick the whole time! Whales are amazing though...

  2. Very cool watch Richard! Glad you didn't have as bad of an experience as I did =D

  3. Watching whales and how they behave in their own environment is a unique experience.

  4. That's pretty cool (the watch). This is something I definitely need to do one day. Did your guide say anything about when the best time would be to go?

  5. I've never gone whale watching as such but was once lucky enough to see one off Fraser Island when I was a teenager. Such amazing creatures!

  6. @Phouc - whale watching season is mid-May to September.