Sunday, 30 May 2010

Melbourne Round Up

I've been to Melbourne quite a few times now, but I still managed to see and do a some new things on my recent trip with mum and dad. I hadn't noticed how interesting Melbourne's architecture was before now. If you look up in the CBD there are a lot of old buildings mixed in with the new. A hotch potch that works surprisingly well. I also visited a few new lane ways and showed mum and dad some of the famous graffiti.

On the restaurant front I tried the trendy Movida for the first time. Unfortunately I was hit with a double whammy of a headache and the world's darkest table so I couldn't take any decent photos. I do remember the food being good though. They have a number of innovative dishes on the menu and aren't afraid to tackle some interesting cuts and meats.

Bored of eating in the city, one night we jumped on the Number 1 tram to Albert Park. We took a random punt and had dinner at the Mediterraneo Charcoal Grill. It is an interesting suburb, that is easy to get to and has a few good looking restaurants. Birichino Bar e Ristorante looked like an interesting option just round the corner. An Italian restaurant which has a seasonal menu changing every fortnight. Unfortunately they were fully booked and we couldn't get a table. Albert Park is a definitely worth remembering as an option next time you are in Melbourne.

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