Saturday, 24 April 2010

A foodie morning in Rozelle and Balmain

This morning I met a friend from work for a spot of foodie indulgence. We started at the Orange Grove Organic Market for, authoritatively declared by Clint, Sydney's best bacon and egg sandwich.

While at the market I picked up some sausages, from the stall with no name, for a couple of recipes I have been eyeing up. And some hummus from Arlingtons. This might seem a bizarre criticism of Australians; but they can't make decent hummus. There generally isn't enough garlic or lemon juice, so it was nice to find some hummus packing a punch.

Next stop was Herbies to pick up some spices. Zoe went crazy, buying half the shop and a spice rack. (The most under used piece of kitchen equipment ever?) I was a bit more restrained buying only a couple of spice mixes.

We ended up at Adriano Zumbo, rated as Sydney's best patissier. The shop is a narrow corridor with a queue snaking out of the door. There was an array of sweet and savory delights, with the sweet treats catching my eye. Zumbo is famous for putting a twist and quirky names onto his patisserie.

I bought a slice of cherry and pistachio cheesecake. It wasn't too heavy or sweet, which was a good thing as it was massive! In the name of research I scoffed the lot.

I also bought a vegetable stuffed loaf of bread. Tomato, onion, potato and stuffing (think the sort you'd put inside a chicken), wrapped inside the loaf. Fabulous on its own or with the hummus I got at the market.


  1. Hehe.. "In the name of research" Nice one!

  2. I agree with Phuoc... "in the name of research." I'm translating that to, "in the name of my tastebuds." hahaha your a funny guy.

  3. Wow, Richard you seem to be in food heaven. But I'm afraid you must return soon because I am in dire need of a slice of Elliot-brand stuffed focaccia.

  4. sounds like a need to try this best bacon and egg roll :-)