Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Moonlight Cinema

On Friday night I went to see the Lovely Bones at the Moonlight Cinema after dinner at Cantina Bar and Grill.

The cinema is tucked into corner of Centennial Park, the only problem being that we didn't know which corner. Everyone who has visited will know that Centennial Park is pretty big (think Regents Park back in the UK), so after a hike around the park we eventually found where we were supposed to be going.

Arriving late we still managed to get a good spot on the grass, although unfortunately all of the bean bags had been hired out. The movie follows a teenage girl who is killed by one of her neighbours and ends up in an world between heaven and hell looking down on her family and killer. The plot sounds twee and depressing, but the movie is neither of these things. I actually quite enjoyed it.

I got quite chilly by the end of the night, even though it was still 21 degrees when we left at eleven o'clock. Evening temperatures that would be considered balmy in the UK, it shows how much I've acclimatised!


  1. It must be coming into winter there now, because we have a glorious spring in the ascendant here.

  2. Just had my flu jab in preparation for winter. Not anticipating anything like the UK have just had!