Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Twenty20 Cricket: Australia bt West Indies

Last night I went to see the Twenty20 international between Australia and the West Indies. As a game of cricket it was a bit disappointing with the WIndies being absolutely demolished. However, as a spectacle Twenty20 cricket is a lot of fun. There was crowd participation with shirt giveaways before the game and an impossibly hard catching competition between the innings. Rock music is belted out between balls and fireworks are let off every time a six is hit or a wicket taken. The short format of the game encourages a bit more explosive action than you'd expect to see in a Test Match. People are there to have fun and are encouraged to enjoy themselves.

I was a bit surprised how the Aussie crowd barracked one of their own players. Harris was fielding just in front of us didn't quite get to a very difficult catching chance on the boundary. The next over a he fumbled the ball and let it past him for four. For the rest of the match he was ruthlessly hounded by a section of the crowd near us. Nothing like getting behind your own players!

I'd definitely go again, but would hope to see a more competitive game.


  1. I'm coming around slightly to Twenty20 (although test cricket is still the pinnacle) but I'm sorry, fireworks at a cricket game are just wrong.

  2. I think in some ways they are trying to bring baseball style entertainment to cricket.

    Is it ok in baseball and wrong at cricket?

    (I agree you can't beat a Test Match.)

  3. Look - don't get baseball involved here. We're talking cricket. I just think flames are over the top for cricket and unnecessary.