Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Thai lessons

Last year while I was in Thailand I spent a month studying to learn Thai. I really enjoyed it although I'm not sure I was very good! Deciding that I needed some new activities here in Oz and missing my Thai I've started some night classes at the Sydney Community College.

In Thailand my course focused on vocabulary, pronunciation and basic conversation. I was hoping for more of the same, but I can't have read the syllabus correctly as it is all learning to read an write. There are 44 consonants and 32 vowels which are proving a bit mesmerising to learn.

The teacher at SCC isn't that structured which doesn't help, but then the course is cheap so you can't expect too much. I've also had to spend a bit of time joining up the method my teachers in BKK used with what I'm being taught here. It's beginning to make a bit of sense.....

After the first lesson I thought the course would be dreadful, but after the third lesson it's getting better. I might be able to write the odd one syllable word by the end!


  1. Reading and writing Thai is very hard but you can do it! Keep it up buddy and soon a whole new world of Thai delicacies will open up for you on the previously untranslated section of the restaurant menus.

  2. Nice photo by the way - look at your with your snazzy new camera!