Thursday, 21 January 2010


I decided to get myself a BBQ to celebrate the summer on my balcony. I went for a Weber Baby Q, as it is small and compact and I should be able to take it back to the UK with my pretty easily.

So far I am very pleased with my choice. Since I got my gas bottle I have cooked on it every night (with the exception of two where I went out for dinner). The most ambitious evening was on Saturday when I had six friends round for dinner. For starters I grilled some chorizo and haloumi. You can see me cooking vegetable and lamb kebabs for the main course. I didn't attempt desert on the BBQ, instead that was brought round by the lovely Penne.

I am looking forward to a lot more use from it. You can rely on the summer to be a bit more reliable than back in the UK so I should be ok!


  1. ...and it was great. But is it a Weber, or a Webber?

  2. A Weber, just as I have amended the post to read! ;-)