Friday, 29 January 2010

Australian Parliament

I do like a good Parliament. I am not sure what it is, but I have fond memories of my visits to both the New Zealand and British parliaments. Can you truly understand a country without knowing a little bit about their decision making processes?

The Parliament is a very impressive building, opening in 1988 and replacing the old Parliament which is still intact at the end opposite end of the lawn. We were given free reign to wonder around the building (seemingly no security concerns here) and had a look in both chambers. My favourite part of the building was the roof. The huge flat roof has commanding views over Canberra and the striking four pronged flag pole. I didn't used to like the flagpole, but am now an admirer.

I would have liked to have done the guided tour, but unfortunately there wasn't one starting for over and hour so we had to give it a miss. Tour times aren't advertised, only that they take place "regularly". Not regularly enough for me!

I couldn't resist this cheeky photo of me with HRH.

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  1. You have my respect for wearing the green and gold!