Friday, 4 December 2009

Restaurant Review: Rules, Covent Garden

I owed my good friend Blue Eyes a thank you for helping me out while I have been in Australia. What better way than I good lunch, enabling me to try somewhere new and have the pleasure of BE's company?

Reading Food and Drink in London's review of Rules, reminded me that it is somewhere that I have been meaning to visit. Decision made. On Ben's suggestion (from Food and Drink in London) after being greeted at the door by a man in a top hat, we started with a drink in the upstairs bar. We were brought our G&T's and menus to peruse while we had a catch up. Completely aside from the food, I loved some of the little ditties on the menu advising customers to select the Free Municipal water; or to let the staff know if your driver outside wanted a complementary soft drink.

As most people will know the menu is traditional British with pheasant, deer, duck and beef coming to the fore. I selected the Roe Deer Terrine to start, while BE had the Crispy Duck (not the pancake variety). The terrine was hearty and served with warm toast and game chips. I am not normally a fan of the texture of liver and pates in general so went out on a bit of a limb, but luckily very much enjoyed it.

For the main course we shared the rib of beef on the bone. I have never before selected anything on the menu that is for a minimum of two people. As you can see from the photo we were served the world's largest Yorkshire puddings, dauphinoise potatoes, the sliced beef and a sauce boat each of gravy and fresh horseradish. Everything was excellent.

They had sliced the beef and served it sitting on top of the bone. This was a great solution for two people sharing as neither one of us had to inelegantly carve. We had so much food that it didn't really matter, but there was quite a bit of beef left on the bone, in such a formal place I wasn't quite sure what the etiquette was. Is one allowed to attack the bone?

The service was formal and excellent throughout, with joined up service between the bar and the restaurant. We spent a leisurely three and a half hours soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying ourselves. A great place, although definitely in the "treat" category as you couldn't afford to go regularly.

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  1. I believe that is the photo I took!

  2. Well seeing that you paid for the beef I can't really complain!!!

  3. As it was taken with my camera I decided that I was reserving all rights to the photo! ;-)