Friday, 20 November 2009

Balls Point Reserve

The plan last Sunday was to go for lunch and a walk in Watsons Bay. We never made it onto the ferry (long story), but had a lovely day nonetheless. It started with a walk over to Woolloomooloo where we saw the paparazzi chasing Britney Spears (although not the lady herself) before ending up at the Tilbury.

The Tilbury is one of Sydney's ultra trendy gastro pubs. Luckily it wasn't too busy on a lazy Sunday afternoon and we had a good, if small, steak sandwich on the upstairs deck for lunch. To drink I had my first lemon, lime and bitters which is a very Top Aussie non-alcoholic drink. Everyone describes it as "very refreshing", no more than water I'd say!

After our lunch we drove over to North Sydney to Balls Point Reserve for a walk and a look at the views. There were great panoramic views of the Harbour Bridge, the CBD, Goat Island, Mort Bay, ANZAC Bridge, Cockatoo Island and then the motley Lister, Unwin and Tiling crew!

After our walk we went to The Point Deli on Blues Point Road for a little treat. An apple and blueberry crumble in my case. Getting in the mood for going back to the UK and eating my mum's crumble.

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