Thursday, 5 November 2009

Six Bridges Walk (plus One on a Bus)

On the last Sunday in October I took part in the Seven Bridges Walk. A 25km hike around the Sydney Harbour crossing seven bridges along the way.

When a friend at work suggested the walk I was very keen to take part as I thought it would be a fantastic way to see Sydney. My hopes were sadly dashed by what turned out to be a very soggy day.

There is an excellent map of the event here. We met at Pyrmont Bridge and managed the short walk over the Anzac Bridge before the rain set in. There were some enterprising kids along the route selling water proofs and drinks to the crowds.

We managed to trudge round four more the bridges keeping our spirits high. However, by the time we reached Lane Cove I was beginning to flag. There is only so much driving rain you can take............

We decided to stop for a pub lunch and much to my surprise found a fire to huddle round and dry out slightly. We didn't resume the walk afterwards and took a bus back into town over our final bridge - The Harbour Bridge.

I was hoping to write a blog about what a fantastic day I had, and how much of Sydney harbour I had managed to explore; but it was not the case.

The BBC website has some amazing photos here of Breakfast on the Bridge which started the walk in the sunshine. (A ticketed event I sadly didn't make the guest list for.)

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