Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Girl Talk

My great friend John has written two tracks for the Thai singer Mint, who's album has just been released by Sony Music. I ordered myself a copy of the EP which arrived in the post this week. John's got his name in the sleeve notes three times and everything!

John has written the title track of the album Girl Talk and also the first single to be released Love needs Love. The tracks are sung in Thai which has caused a few problems for my burgeoning vocabulary. My favourite track is Girl Talk on the basis that I can understand at least a bit of what is going on!

I'd describe John's style as pop-rock. Love needs Love fits into this mould, but Girl Talk is slightly different. The drums are very much in the back ground and it has an almost R&B feel. As a friend I'm obviously going to say this, but I really believe the rest of the EP drops away after John's tracks. It becomes very predictable love songs with little to distinguish it from lots of other artists out there.

Right, music review over. Get yourself over to eThaiCD and order a copy. I realise that I haven't sold it as a complete work of music, but the $8.50 US (incl delivery) is worth it for the first two tracks alone.

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  1. hahaha...brilliantly biased review I'm sure. Thank you mate! Glad you enjoyed it. :)