Sunday, 12 July 2009

Restaurant Review: BBQ King, Sydney

I’ve wanted to go to BBQ King ever since I heard the story of Penne and Clint drunkenly telling Anthony Bourdin that he had to visit. If it was good enough for one of food’s bad boys it was good enough for me.

I’ve walked past the outside of BBQ King a few times since arriving in Sydney and it could only be described as a bit, well, underwhelming. Penne and Clint clarified that it is the type of place you visit late at night, after a few drinks have been consumed and part of its charm are the sullen staff and chipped plates. Ahhh, now it is all beginning to make sense……

As you walk in there is the same feel as a Brick Lane or Rusholme curry house. It’s a bit shabby, but with a good atmosphere of people enjoying their evenings out. The only glamour comes from the pictures hanging on the wall of two models sitting at various tables throughout the restaurant. They look a bit out of place, yet at the same time add to the eclectic nature of the restaurant. Places like these often have the best food, so I’m full of anticipation.

We started with duck, for which BBQ King is famous. Half of the duck was served as duck pancakes. The sticky but delicious hoi sin sauce getting all over our fingers. The other half of the duck was served as san choi bao wrapped in lettuce leaves.

Served after the duck we had salt and pepper tofu, which was surprisingly spicy, some steamed pak choi and a prawn curry. Far too much food for four people, but it is always nice to try a few different dishes.

It wasn’t the greatest chinese food I have eaten, and I still don’t think ducks in Australia are as tasty as back home, but that didn’t matter. Sometimes you don’t go out for meal for the ultimate dinning experience. Friends, atmosphere and something a bit different can be just as good.

The staff weren’t at all sullen and they now have plastic plates, with the old chipped crockery nowhere in sight. Best of all, it was only 10 minutes walk home.

Hat tip for the photo.

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