Thursday, 16 July 2009


Last night I went to Redoak Beer Cafe here in Sydney. There are many things to like about the place, but my favourite is the English style bitter that they serve.

Australia has a great, regional, beer culture with lots of different styles and varieties to try. But one thing that they lack, and I have been missing, are the bitters from back home. I was very pleased to stumble across one!

I can't quite decide how to describe Redoak's operation. Checking their website they seem to only have one bar / restaurant and I don't recall seeing their beers in any other pubs. But they have such a wide selection brewed under the Redoak label, I can't believe they are all for the one bar. I'll have to stay on the look out to see if I can see them on sale somewhere else.

Whenever I've got a yearning for home or fancy a European style beer, I'll be making a pilgrimage here. Their tasting platters of food and beer look pretty good too.

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  1. one bar Ritchie, not found on tap anywhere else, although you can buy their stubbies at respectable bottlo's.

    that what makes it refreshingly special, quality + scarcity.