Monday, 3 August 2009

Litchfield National Park

Day three of our tour was to the Litchfield National Park. Ruth's Rough Guide made Litchfield sound like the undiscovered gem compared to the over touristy Kakadu. However, we found the reverse to be true. Litchfield was packed with day trippers from Darwin and we definitely saw less crowds in Kakadu.

Litchfield was all about waterfalls and swimming holes. We started off with a quick stop at Florence Falls:

We then headed over to the Buley Rock Holes, where we went for a swim. There were nine lovely interconnected pools that you could sit and slide between. Enjoying a massage from the water along the way.

After lunch we had a quick stop at Tolmel Falls (not very impressive in the Dry) before we headed to Wangi Falls. Wangi was the most crowded of all the spots we visited during the day. I was somewhat intimidated by the signs up saying that there was a croc. trap set, but there "usually" weren't any problems. I was hot an sweaty so I risked a brief swim.

The final stop on our tour were the magnetic termite mounds. These things were truly impressive. They grow in a North-South direction within three degrees of accuracy. How do they do it? There was a whole field of them. Only to be found in Australia. Once side gets the sun all day, while the other is in the shade. Here is me a illustrating the point handsomely:

A final few words on Connections Travel who I thought were excellent. The guides were friendly and knowledgable, there were a couple of nice freebies (towel and pillow), the food was good and the campsites were pretty decent.

A final photo of our tour group:

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  1. Last couple of blog posts have really reminded me of my trip! You have really similar photos!

    I was in a much smaller group though, so I wonder if that makes a difference?