Friday, 27 March 2009

Melbourne GP: Friday Free Practice

Despite the ever improving times in the simulator Sir Frank didn't give me the nod for a drive this weekend, so I spent the day in the stands with my friend and fellow F1 fan, Clint.

The Australians really go for their motor sports in a big way. All tram rides around the city are free if you have an F1 ticket and even though it was "only" Friday free practice there were fly pasts from Army Helicopters, the Australian Red Arrows and Air Force fighter jets. I'm looking to see how they up their game for race day!

With the rule book almost completely re-written for this season it has made predicting the form rather difficult. Here are my impressions from day one of the season:

Williams - the car looks to be reasonably stable and balanced through the corners, but didn't appear to be overly quick. However, Rosberg topped the testing time for both sessions. Would love to think he could continue the perfect weekend, unfortunately I think it is unlikely.

Brawn GP - the car looks quick and very bolted to the road, I don't think they were show boating during the tests. Barichello looks a bit faster than Button.

Toyota - similar to the Brawn, the car looks very good through the corners and easy to drive.

Ferrari - best of the cars without the controversial new diffuser. Kimi looks smooth and like he isn't having to put in too much effort at the wheel. Masa was more low key.

Renault and BMW - had very uneventful test sessions. I was expecting both teams to be a bit nearer the front. It will be interesting to see if they up their game for tomorrow.

Red Bull and STR - they were pounding round the track, but at the same time remained under the radar. I don't think they will be challenging for the front of the grid this weekend.

Force India - the car seems to be a real handful. They definitely look the slowest team.

I am in the grandstand on turns 9 & 10 at the back of the circuit. Look out for me on TV!

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