Sunday, 1 February 2009

Khao San Road

On my previous visits to Thailand I have consciously avoided visiting the backpacker mecca of Khao San Road. Last night I took the plunge………

It was crowded and bustling. Every shop trying to out do their neighbour by having a brightly coloured sign that juts slightly further into the road than their competitors.

There was everything that the hedonistic tourist could need. Bars, tattoo parlours, food stalls, travel agencies, street hawkers, hostels and lots of gift shops. The bars were helpfully advertising “we don’t check ID” and “cheap strong drinks”.

I can see why some travellers get caught up in the Khao San road. However, I think its sad if you go to another country and only hang around with other tourists and don’t experience the culture of a place.


  1. Do the Thais celebrate Chinese New Year?

    Happy year of the Ox!

  2. They celebrate everything! I haven't been down to China Town to see all the decorations though......

    Happy New Year to you too!