Sunday, 25 January 2009


Before I came to Thailand I promised myself that I would go to for a swim every day, in an effort to get fit and to replace my daily cycle ride to work. Unfortunately this was the sight that greeted me……

They are currently refurbishing the pool and it should be ready on 28th February, so I will get a few swims in before I leave for Australia.

My new friend, Ann, and I went for a swim yesterday at a pool about 10mins away by taxi. We were the only ones there and I managed to do twenty-five lengths. Ok for someone who hasn’t been swimming in years.

After getting sun burnt in Costa Rica; over Christmas I bought myself a UV rash vest and swimming cap. I looked a complete sight, but at least I didn’t get burnt!


  1. 25 lengths is pretty damn good, was it an Olympic size? Must be all that papaya!

  2. Haha! Not is was only 25m, half Olympic size.

    I'm fueling up on the Som Tum / Papaya salads. They're amazing!!