Monday, 26 January 2009

Desperately seeking Katie Holmes

Ever since Dawson's Creek, I have had a bit of a crush on Katie Holmes.

On my last visit to Thailand, John got me all excited by taking me to a restaurant just round the corner; where Katie Holmes' Thai twin works as a waitress.

I had said (only half jokingly) that one of my objectives for this trip was to get a picture taken of me with the Thai Katie Holmes.

We went to the restaurant today and she no longer works there!

Thai Katie was last spotted (by John) on the Sky Train near Victory Monument.

Can you help? Have you spotted her? I'm thinking about contacting Interpol.

There is a childhood crush at stake!!!!!


  1. Richard, Dawsons Creek was not on when we were kids!!!!!!!!

  2. I wanna hold her wanna hold her tight
    Get teenage kicks right through the night

  3. You must be particularly upset that she had that perfect nose "enhanced" recently then..
    old cute rounded nose
    new thinner bent nose

  4. Thanks for visiting Lilith!

    Boo..... she was much cuter before....

  5. Yes, sorry about that Richard..

  6. Childhood crush indeed. How old are you trying to trick people into thinking you are? Cos the photo doesn't help your cause.

  7. Ok, ok so it was more of a teenage crush....