Thursday, 29 January 2009

Bulldog Clip Fashion

There is a University close to where I am living, which means that we invariably see a lot of uni students walking around our local shopping centre.

Uni's here in Thailand have a uniform of white shirts, and blue shorts or skirts.

An optional extra for the girls is to wear a belt and attach it to your skirt with a bulldog clip. (There are no belt loops on the skirt.)

Not sure if this is a fashion craze anywhere else in the world?

* I got this picture from the web. I haven't been stalking female students in my local shopping centre. Even if they are all achingly beautiful!


  1. Richard you must be in your element!

    No rubbing of trousers, Shooting Stars style, please...

  2. "Amazing legs" you say. I hadn't even noticed.........

  3. it doesn't matter what you say here its going to get you into trouble...but I did struggle to see the clip...I thought it would at least be a comedy clip!

  4. They are just regular bulldog clips that you would steal from the stationary cuboard.

  5. I'll have you know that I invented the bulldog clip craze while I was in Glasgow. The idea was to see how many you could surreptitiously attach to someone before they noticed. You could also use pegs instead of clips. We still have one of the original clips (called 'Morag'). You could borrow it if you want, rather than trying to steal one from a non-moving cupboard ;-)

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