Saturday, 15 November 2008

Restaurant Review: Sofia, Monteverde; Costa Rica

I’ve not known quite what to make of the Costa Rican food scene so far. It’s not the spicy Mexican inspired food of its northern neighbours nor the hearty steaks and glasses of red wine of Chile or Argentina (my only other reference points on the continent).

The food hasn’t been bad, but it has more been local staples of eggs; rice; beans, fresh fruit and the odd steak. I was therefore a bit surprised to discover that this small hilltop is gastronomical highlight.

Last night Olivier and I went for dinner at Sofia which serves modern Latin American cuisine. More modern European style food than the hearty portions I had so far become accustomed to. I started with a small roasted aubergine quesadilla, a witty and more sophisticated version of the Mexican snack. Olivier had a ceviche (raw fish marinated in lime) served with crunchy tortillas. Both light and well balanced starters.

For the main course I had roaster pork loin with figs, sweet potato mash and a local green vegetable (akin to chopped green beans) whose name shall remain unknown. I enjoyed the sweetness from the figs, but Olivier thought it was a little too much. If I was being critical the pork was slightly overcooked. Olivier had prawns cooked in a coconut and curry sauce which seemed to make him content.

It was good to have a lighter meal than we have previously been experiencing before bed. I washed my food down with a local Pilsen beer, which I preferred to the other local beer, Imperial, that I have also tried on this trip.

If the Pound hadn’t collapsed against the USD it would have been a cheap meal. However, it was still good value.

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