Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Playa Nosra

We are currently staying in the delightful beachside town of Nosara. Its been so relaxing that there is not much to report. It was a bit of a nightmare to find, but we are now chilling out in the Casa Romantica (bit luxurious for backpackers, which I need to give up the pretence that we are actually doing!). Swimming in the sea, the pool, walks on the beach and just generally putting our feet up. The food has been good too.

The sunset over the Pacific last night was amazing.

We had a couple of good meals in the CafĂ© de Paris too. If you like sun, sea and surf this would be an excellent place to spend a week chilling out by the seaside. Unfortunately I don’t have the constitution for beach holidays. It has been roastingly hot today and like the true English tourist I have gone a bit lobster. I’m going to make sure I buy a rash vest before I go to Thailand / Australia.

(Casa Romantica)

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