Sunday, 12 October 2008

Ceilidh Club

On Friday night I went to the Ceilidh Club up in Camden with an eclectic mix of uni and work friends.

I last went to the Ceilidh Club about 5 years ago. The dances have a great atmosphere and remind me a bit more of a school disco or something from your local village hall. There is a cheap bar in the basement, a stall selling homemade cakes and sandwiches, and a tongue in cheek raffle with prizes of porridge oats, caramel bars, iron brew and a bottle of whiskey.

The main event is the dancing. There is a live band and a caller giving out instructions to all of the novices in the room. The crowd is definitely young, some of the girls were even brave enough to give the dancing a go in heels. With 300 people energetically reeling and spinning it gets pretty hot and sweaty. I'm sure not a good look for the newly started up singles nights, but when you are are all in the same boat does it matter.......

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