Monday, 29 September 2008

Restaurant Review: Assa

I don't think I had knowingly had Korean food before I went to New York. I visited K-Town a couple of times and had some excellent food. I love the wild array of taster plates that seemed to come with every Korean meal.

Little did I know that London has its own Korea Town centred on St. Giles High Street, just south of the City Point Tower. There is a small strip of rustic cafes serving cheap hearty Korean food.

I went to Assa on Wednesday night with some friends from work who have just moved over from the Singapore office. You certainly wouldn't go for the decor but it gave me heart to be the only white person in the place. We shared BBQ beef, a seafood pancake, chili pork belly and what (I think) are signature Korean dishes; a BiBimBab and on the ubiquitous gas ring in the middle of every Korean table, a chili seafood soup.

We didn't get as many taster plates as I was used to in New York and my Singaporean friends only rated it a 6/10, but for under £10 a head I thought it was pretty good!


  1. rustique??????

    Next you will be telling me you eat roquette salad!

  2. Shamed, I have corrected my spelling.........

  3. LOL actually I quite liked the word, I may start using it in polite conversation.

    What is the French for rustic?