Sunday, 13 July 2008

Pip's Wedding!

Yesterday I was in East Sussex for my friends Pip and James' wedding. I am almost exactly a year older than Pip and I count her as my oldest friend. To get some respite when we were babies our mums used to give one of us to the other to look after. Her parents heartlessly moved away when Pip was 4, but we spent so much time together in our formative years that we still feel quite close. It was fantastic to see Pip and James on their happy day.

The wedding was in Pip's school chapel at Mayfield School. The priest started off with some very stern and solemn words on the sanctity of marriage and I wondered if we were in for a lecture rather than a celebration, but then he loosened up and was quite funny during the blessing.

The reception was in a marquee at Pip's family home. Pip is an event organiser and some serious work, timelines and flow charts(!) had been put into the day. On each table were eight tag lines and you had to work out who you and all the other people on your table were. Mine was "Pip's first boyfriend" which caused a few raised eyebrows; ex's aren't normally invited to the wedding!

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