Monday, 23 June 2008

Restaurant Review: Penelope

Today I went to brunch with my trusty partners in crime Pen and Clint; for possibly the last time in New York.

Penelope is tipped in Zagat as one of New York's best breakfasts and is luckily just round the corner from my apartment in Murray Hill. I've walked past it quite a few times and was pleased to be trying it before I left NY.

You can't book a table, so I went round early to put our names down. Luckily our wait was only around 25 minutes. The restaurant has a relaxed and homely feel. With a brunch menu full of trusty favourites such as waffles, french toast, poached eggs with smoked salmon, homemade granola and omelets.

I had a BLT made by the fantastic mayonnaise. Pen enjoyed her waffles and Clint raved about his poached eggs with smoked salmon. We all enjoyed a mimosa (champagne cocktail) with our brunch. Pen a little too much as she spilt the end of her glass all over herself!

There was a buzzing atmosphere with groups of young people have brunch and an eclectic sound track in the background.

Most people know I have an idle dream to run my own restaurant one day. I'd like it to be a lot like Penelope if my dream ever comes true.


  1. Your not the only one that idly dreams about you owning a restaurants... I'm looking forward to eating at it!

  2. Indeed, so am I!

    By the way, what's this obsession with "granola"? People rave about it, but isn't it just muesli? Imagine going to a caff in England and asking for muesli!

  3. BE - If you went into cafe in England and asked for anything other than a greasy fry up you would get a strange look!

    We'll do a taste test when I am back. Museli is dry and horrible. Granola is lovely, but beware poor impressions.