Saturday, 1 March 2008

Brockley: The Bold Shopping Experiment

Having given away my car for the next four months and not needing any heavy or hard to find items I thought I would give Sanisburys a miss and see if I could do my weekly shop in a combination of The Shop on the Hill, Degustation and Dandelion Blue in Brockley this morning.

I was actually surprised at how well I got on. The three shops are selling quite a complimentary range of goods and you could pick up most things in a friendly atmosphere. They are all aiming at the premium end of the market so it was quite expensive, but there are some bargains to be had. I think the bread in Degustation is good value, as is the freshly sliced ham in Dandelion Blue.

I managed to get the fresh vegetables I wanted, but there isn't a very wide selection to be found. It must be difficult to stock a good range of vegetables when you aren't selling large volumes.

Brockley is definitely missing a good butcher or somewhere to buy fresh meat. Both The Shop on the Hill and Dandelion Blue sell a limited selection, but neither had what I was looking for. I had to make a trip to Drings in Greenwich this afternoon to buy what I wanted.

I am not sure I will be attempting it every week, but it was a fun little experiment and the shops are definitely good for buying treats and for when you can't face the supermarket.


  1. There's a weekly organic veg-box scheme locally which you can sign up to at the Shop On The Hill - worth a look? I keep meaning to join ...

  2. I saw the advert. I might do some more investigation into costs, what you get etc...

  3. This is excellent. I keep meaning to do more shopping at local independent stores/market stalls (we currently have a weekly veg box plus a monthly Ocado delivery) - especially as we recently got a "South Bermondsey Magazine" through the door imploring us to do just that. Southwark Park Road has a decent African veg/staples shop, plus a market triangle with a fishmonger, a good butcher, and a veg stall. None of which I make enough use of...

  4. Richard, try Wellbeloved's butchers at the bottom of Tanner's Hill if you want somewhere a bit closer than Greenwich. There's the added attraction of Deptford High street's many wet fish shops too just across the road, if you are a fishy kind of bloke.

  5. Knit Nurse - thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll check out Wellbeloved's butchers. Do you think they are good? Drings is a bit on the expensive side, but they quality of their meat is very good.