Thursday, 7 February 2008

Man of Leisure: Wednesday

I had a great day yesterday.

The Decorating
is now nearly finished. I completed the second coat on all of the wood work and took a trip to John Lewis to buy a new blind. All that is left is to put the room back together.

In the evening I attended the Brockley Central Drinks II at Jam Circus. It seems to be a fact of London life that you barely know your neighbours, so it was great to meet some people in the local area and put faces to the names on Brockley Central. I'm pleased I didn't have to go to work this morning after beers on a school night!

I hadn't been to Jam Circus before and I echo Nick's thoughts that it is a fantastic venue for the area. Pleasant vibe, friendly service and trendy decor. I'll be back to try the bread rolls....


  1. Too much boozing, not enough careful local research Ricardo

  2. Glad to hear the Stephen Lawrence centre is finally open. Still looks pretty shut up whenever I walk past it though......

    The photo in the BBC article must be a "library" picture. Some vandals broke a couple of windows that still haven't been fixed since before Christmas, but they are ok in the photo.