Thursday, 31 January 2008

White Van Man

This morning I was cycling through Greenwich towards the foot tunnel. A white van pulled out of Royal Hill turing in front of my path. When the driver realised he couldn't make it without hitting me he did an emergency stop blocking three quarters of the road.

Clearly feeling a bit guilty Mr White Van Man stayed a respectable ten meters behind me as I continued down the road. As I cycled through the traffic lights on Church Street they went amber. I wasn't going very fast and the white van was still a good ten meteres behind me so would have had plenty of time to stop safely before the red light. However, he sailed straight through!!!

Who was this white van man? A Police van!


  1. Maybe they suspected you of drink-cycling, acting on intelligence from the Didcot police?

  2. Not done that fot a while. Well at least not to the extent where I was wobbling down the middle of the road anyway.....

  3. I have full confidence that the driver was trained to such a high standard that he/she was in full safe control at all times...

  4. Thanks for the blog.
    You made me remember my first driving experience.
    My instructor did not tell me anything, even "beware of Volvo drivers", cause they think that they are owners of the road.But I think that we have to avoid vans, cause every man and van thinks that he is a king of a road, and he really does whatever he wants, and this is a problem, especially for beginners.
    In sum at my first lesson I was hit by a white van man. very pity.
    You had happier end!!