Sunday, 2 December 2007

Restaurant Review: Just Thai Thai

Last night I went to Just Thai Thai in Brockley for dinner with my friend Olivier.

The menu is very broad for a small place. I tried to speak some of my pigeon Thai and both my efforts at the language and my choices of food were lauded, more out of politeness than anything else I am sure!

All the food tasted like authentic Thai cooking and was most enjoyable. It is a solid local sort of place, rather then spectacular haute cuisine.

The restaurant was quite quiet for a Saturday night. And an over riding memory has to be that the place was cold, I don't think they had the heating on. I might wait for Spring before a return trip!

When we received the bill I was surprised to see that all of the dishes I had ordered in Thai were written on the bill in Thai script, while those ordered by Olivier in English were written in English. Perhaps my Thai isn't so bad after all..........

Have you seen a more cheesy looking photo?

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  1. Brockley seems to have a good range of restaurants. I am lacking a decent Thai and a decent Turkish round here.