Saturday, 22 December 2007

Blog Stats

Some bloggers enjoy putting up their monthly blog stats, showing off an ever increasing readership. The reason I haven't indulged tells you a lot about how big my readership is, or is not!

One stat I did think that I would share with you:
Miles cycled this year: 1,699
Miles driven this year: 1,105

I don't think that many people can claim to have done more miles under their own steam than by the internal combustion engine!

Before you go lauding me for my ubber green credentials I should declare that I have taken a few flights this year which probably wipe out any good I have done above......


  1. What about in other peoples' cars? I might have to try and work out how many car journeys I have taken this year.

  2. I was thinking about that and also the number of miles I have covered on public transport.

    Car sharing and trains have a lower environmental impact, but it all still counts.