Saturday, 17 November 2007

From Australia to Greenwich

I'm very partial to a Coopers Pale Ale, which is difficult to find in the UK. (Not to be confused with Coopers Sparkling which is becoming increasingly common.) I was pleased to discover last week that the Theatre of Wine in Greenwich sells it.

I went back to the Theatre of Wine today to buy some wine and I picked up a few bottles of Coopers Pale.

People are generally very down on Australian Beer thinking it is all Fosters and Four X, but it isn't at all. There are some very good regional breweries of which Coopers is one.

Just in case you think I only drink Australian beer, my favourite beer is probably Hook Norton.


  1. I'm a big fan of the Little Creatures beers, and Redback both of which I've yet to see on a regular basis over here.

  2. I've had Redback, but Little Creatures is new to me. I'll have to try their beer next time I am over in Oz.

    Sadly I'm not going to be able to make the drinks on 30th. I've got a friend from Geneva coming over for the weekend.

  3. I thought you only went in for fruit smoothies. Will there be a review or are we all too passé now?

  4. I have been to Hook Norton. I found the Aussie beers I tried to be weak and feeble. I prefer a good Kwak.

  5. Chief - I am deliberating on that one. The blog has already had two Busaba reviews. I'm afraid at losing readership if I post a third........

  6. As long as you better my current average of 1 post per month I don't think your readership will be hit too hard, but fair enough, give the people something new.