Sunday, 4 November 2007

Blackheath Fireworks

Last night I went to the Blackheath fireworks display. I've never seen Blackheath so busy! There were people streaming towards the heath from all directions. The pubs were operating a one in one out policy and the police had set up mobile cameras to monitor the crowd. At one point I thought I was heading to a football match!

They had slightly misjudged the health and safety aspect of the display and the section of crowd that I was standing in was showered in debris from the exploding fireworks. Mostly small pieces of harmless paper, but at one point a large piece of casing from a firework bounced off my shoulder.


  1. You want to get an 'impartial' medical report on that badly injured shoulder and sue them for negligence and/or breach of statutory duty. We went to Victoria Park where the fireworks were totally safe, but I'm not so sure about the locals.

  2. Will you represent me in court after I get my medical done?

  3. I got a bang on the shoulder and grit in my eye.