Saturday, 7 July 2007

Stereo + New Bike Update

I may have been a bit hasty in my earlier blog in both my praise for Halfords and my mild contempt for Kenwood over my new car stereo. It transpires that Halfords connected some of the wires up incorrectly which meant there was no power going to the stereo when the ignition was turned off, thus resetting the memory every time I drove the car. Halfords were quite cheery and efficient about rectifying the mistake, but errors don't happen with top quality service!

As the for stereo it now has a fair chance to prove itself, although I still think it might be a bit fiddly so I'll withhold fulsome praise for Kenwood until I have had a propper chance to test it.

I'm also thinking of taking advantage of the governments scheme to allow commuters to buy tax free bikes and get a Specialized Globe Comp 2007. If any posters can give me some advice on whether this is a good hybrid bike or not I would be most grateful!


  1. It's amazing that a decent bike can cost nearly as much as a second hand runabout car!

    Goes to show how efficient car production is I suppose!

  2. True ed. Still it good to see an incentive to get people to use their bikes more.