Monday, 7 May 2007

My first car

EdLog has been telling anyone on who will listen that my long haul foreign holidays mean that I haven't been green for a long time. I would argue otherwise. I cycle to work, recycle, live in a well insulated home and have modest energy bills. My killer argument has always been that I don't own a car.

All pretences must now sadly end as I have just bought my first car. So far I have only done 60miles in the little beauty, but that is bound to go up. I am hoping to avoid the short and unnecessary journeys that are so damaging and that it will open up lots of possibilities. Like weekends in the countryside and even the odd trip to France. All those of you that have been holding off invites of weekends away and mini breaks let the floodgates open........


  1. I haven't been briefing against you!

    You are greener than many, but not as green as me because I can't afford holidays at the moment. That will change in the future I hope!!!

  2. I recognise that block of flats. Ahhhhh. I can almost see the Mixed Platter for Two across the road.

  3. Waled past your flat the other day all is looking good.

    The building works at Mezze Managal are almost finished. I'll let you know what is like when complete!

  4. Should say "walked past your flat"